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NiceHash API

nicehash-api is a JavaScript wrapper library over the NiceHash API, using es6/7 async functionality. Create a NiceHash account first, generate an API key and id, and enable API functionality within the Nice Hash settings. Then simply download and import the library to start using it. Initialize the NiceHash class with your api key and id, and call any method defined in the documentation!


To install nicehash-api for use in an application, install the latest version from NPM and save it to your package.json. For this example we're using npm

$ npm install nicehash-api

Getting Started

To get started using the library, first import the NiceHash class from the nicehash-api module.

import NiceHash from 'nicehash-api'

After you have imported the api, you can go ahead and spawn a new NiceHash Object. You must pass it your NiceHash api key and id or else the class will not be able to make the API calls.

let NiceHash = new NiceHash(api_key, api_id)

Using your first method

To make sure the class was initiliazed correctly, we can test authorization by calling:

await NiceHash.testAuthorization()

This library wraps every function in a es7 async/await wrapper. If instead you wish to deal with promises in a different way, feel free to do:

NiceHash.testAuthorization().then(success => success).catch(err => err)

We recommend using async/await as it makes the code more terse. await will resolve the promise in a synchronous manner that allows one to expect deterministic behavior.

If NiceHash.testAuthorization() returns true then you are good to go! Check out the rest of the documentation to see what else you can do!